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Compare Wheelman Pro
with Trimble EZ Pilot

Price (starting)
Type: Electric autosteer
RTK support
RTK activation
Install kit
Harness kit
WAAS GPS / Accuracy
Inbox content
App support iOS + Android

Wheelman Pro

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  • Price (starting)$3,995
  • Type: Electric autosteer
  • RTK supportFuture
  • RTK activationN/A
  • DisplayUse your own device
  • AntennaStandard
  • Install kitStandard
  • Harness kitStandard
  • WAAS GPS / Accuracy4" - 6" pass to pass
  • Inbox content•        Wheelman Pro w/Dashboard (+ keyboard) •        Tractor specific installation kit •        Smart antenna •        Steering wheel kit •        Remote IMU •        Main harness + Switch kit cable •        Quick reference guide + installation manual
  • App support iOS + Android

Trimble EZ Pilot

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  • Price (starting)$7,990
  • Type: Electric autosteer
  • RTK supportSold as an option, $18,985
  • RTK activation
  • DisplayPurchase option •        CFX-750: $2550 •        FM-750: $4995 •        GFX-750: $4295
  • Antenna$435
  • Install kit$795
  • Harness kit
  • WAAS GPS / Accuracy6" - 12" pass to pass
  • Inbox content•        EZ-Pilot •        Harness •        Install manual •        Tractor specific installation kit •        Kill switch •        Buzzer cable
  • App support iOS + Android

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