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We know, we don’t write enough. We have a lot of ideas, but we are REALLY busy helping businesses. Perfect example of the proverbial “cobbler’s shoes”.

How online reviews boost SEO

This is a guest blog post by Clayton Coombs. Clayton works for a law firm in Salt Lake City called The Advocates. They do great work.  How online reviews can boost your SEO. Simply put, a review is an opinion left by a client or customer that has been directly...

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Great way to use that negative review

On Reddit, I ran across a rather ballsy yet amazing way of using a negative review. A local resort had a negative review on Yelp from a patron who found their ski slopes too hard. This won't work for most businesses, but I loved what they did....

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How to get UTM tracking data into Infusionsoft

Here is a copy of the slideshow This is the shortcode I used in the tutorial so you can copy and paste it: [urlparam attr="value" param='utm_source'] If you find this post useful, cool! It was made for a presentation I gave to the Salt Lake City Infusionsoft User...

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