It’s the best $4000 I have spent on my farm!

Wheelman smart autosteering allows me to farm faster,
more precisely and with less fatigue.

I was looking for a way to add autosteering to my farm without breaking the bank when I found Wheelman. I have been using it on my farm and have found the uses are up to my imagination. I wanted to share this product with fellow farmers. And, the and the folks who sell Wheelman are adding a $50 discount for everyone who buys using my exclusive code:


Get yourself a Wheelman using my code

I plan to use Wheelman on my farm throughout the year. Wheelman allows me to:

  • Reduce input and maintenance costs
  • Add autosteering to my existing vehicles
  • Easily install and use autosteering without a dealer
  • Spend less time in my tractor
  • Make the most of my time in my cab
  • And, with the Whirl app I clearly see where I am going and where I have been in my fields

"Like I said, It’s the best $4000 I have spent on my farm!"

Get yourself a Wheelman using my code

My name is Jeff Hemphill, I am a third generation rancher in Lassen County California. I run a cow/calf operation, and sell hay. I also own a public scale and weigh predominantly agriculture commodities.

I have been in public service my whole life serving fair, fire, and school district boards. I am the current County Supervisor for District Three. My wife and I have a daughter who is active in 4-H and basketball.