Need Marketing?

Let us do what we do…

…so you can focus on what you do.

Why Use GrowFunnel?

Most owners are experts at what they do, but only have a little experience effectively marketing their business.

All we do is marketing. We dream about it, we talk about it, we are perpetual students of it. We have mapped out the pitfalls and we have found the strategies and tactics that lead to growth. Instead of wasting your time and resources learning from the inevitable mix of failure and success, hire us. We already know the way.

What We Do

We understand that every company is different and because of that, we customize what we do to individually match the goals of our clients. In most cases, we are acting as your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). We start with your most urgent needs and work our way out from there. In some cases, generally for larger companies, we fill a void that they have difficulties finding or retaining reliable talent.

We rarely work on a specific project. Instead, we work on the company’s┬ámarketing as a whole. This allows us to ensure that all the parts are working together as a whole.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have a few retainer plans that each guarantee you between 10 and 50 hours per month. The plans start at about $1500 and the more hours you retain, the lower the hourly price becomes.

Truth be told, we usually give our clients more hours than they pay for. It’ll happen some day, but we’ve yet to tell a client that they are out of hours.

Ready to discuss how we can work together?