The closest thing on the ranch to giving yourself a raise.

Autosteer that fits on your existing tractor and puts money back in your wallet

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Wheelman is the best $4000 you’ll spend on your ranch.

Jeff Hemphill Jeff Hemphill
3rd Generation Rancher

The future of ranching is here, and you’re invited

With autosteer that fits on your current tractor, you can have the ease, speed, and data insights that you used to need a new tractor to get.

Wheelman worked with farmers and ranchers across the country to design a system that works for farms and ranches of all sizes.

The result: You can usher your ranch into the smart farming movement and be more competitive -- all at a price you’ll like.

Free your mind to think about what’s really important on your ranch

What if you could spend more time working on the issues that need your attention most? Problems like:

  • Preventing cattle theft
  • The health of your herd
  • Drought and other weather challenges
  • Fluctuating commodity prices

You can focus on those things in the tractor when you let Wheelman autosteer keep track of the little details for you.

See For Yourself:

Disking, Spraying, and Scraping

Where have you been?

When you’re working ground, spraying, or scraping, it helps to know exactly where you have been and where you still need to go. With Wheelman, you’ll go over your ground faster with less overlap.

And, while Wheelman is getting you to the right place, you will have time and space to focus.

Cross-contamination will become a thing of the past

You can stop second-guessing yourself. With Wheelman and the Whirl app, you can easily keep track of where you spread manure so that you don’t cross contaminate when you’re feeding your livestock.

Head’s Up

Watch where you’re going -- it’s easier with Wheelman.

You can keep your eyes on your livestock when you’re feeding and monitoring -- Wheelman will do the steering for you.

And when you’re monitoring, you can track your tasks and activities using the Whirl app.

With Data Comes Insights

No matter what you’re doing in the tractor, Wheelman and the Whirl app will collect your data and confidentially send it to the cloud. We made it easy because you have better things to think about.

See what Wheelman can do for your ranch, risk free

We hear from ranchers every day that Wheelman is the best money they’ve spent this year on their operation.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, or theirs. Try Wheelman for 60 days. If you don’t think it is the best value in smart farming tools, you can send it back. You won’t even pay a restocking fee.

How Wheelman works

We’ve designed Wheelman autosteer for operations like yours.

No dealers: We ship directly to you. Why pay a middleman?

Installation: You’ll be able to install Wheelman in your existing tractor with the tools you already own.

Whirl App: You can download the Whirl app on your current smartphone or tablet and get started right away. No complicated monitors or wiring harnesses to clutter up the cab.

Support: Wheelman customers get 24/7 tech support. Help is just a phone call away -- but Wheelman is so easy to install and use, most customers never need it.

Confidence: When you use Wheelman, you have the support and backing of a rock-solid company that stands behind its technology.

Become a smart farm today with Wheelman.

Buy Wheelman ProNo Risk Guarantee

What You Get With Wheelman

Wheelman Flex system

The Wheelman Flex gives you all the power of Wheelman Pro plus the ability to move the system between vehicles helping you plant, till and spray faster.

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Wheelman Pro system

The Wheelman Pro helps you farm faster and more efficiently by eliminating overlap.

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