Smart Tractor Autosteer

Built for any small grain application
No matter how many acres of those amber waves of grain you manage

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Think your operation’s margins are too tight to afford autosteer?
Think again.

Designed to fit into the budget of the small, solid-seeding operation, Wheelman delivers the luxury of autosteer to the tractor you have, even if it’s over 20 years old.

Wheelman is designed to bring productivity, reliability, and affordability to small farms.

Wheelman doesn’t just save you time and money...
It also saves you from the mental stress and physical fatigue of steering your tractor, pass after pass.

Put cash right back in your pocket

On farms as small as 250 acres, Wheelman has proven that it pays for itself in the first season. Cereal grain farm operators have found that Wheelman paid for itself in just a few applications.

Use Wheelman in your solid-seed planting and spraying, and you’ll start seeing the savings add up in just one crop year.

Our farm already saved over $6,400 in seed and chemical costs this season!

Dan. W

Autosteer, to me, is priceless.


Why small grain farmers choose Wheelman autosteer & guidance system

  • Wheelman gives them easy, do-it-yourself access to autosteer. You can install it yourself in a couple of hours.
  • If you subscribe to the 4R philosophy, autosteer plays an important role in achieving the right rate and right place. Great for conservation, great for limiting input overages and waste.
  • The small grain commodities price slump means that farmers want to squeeze their acres for every bushel they can. And when it comes to shifts up in yield, Wheelman delivers.
  • Hands-free in solid-seeding environments means multitasking in the tractor and combine, less stress and fatigue, and faster farming overall.

Wheelman autosteering kits ease your load throughout the entire growing season

No matter how many acres you work, Wheelman gives you the control and freedom you need to make the most of those hours in the tractor. You’ll use it every time you enter the field.

  • Whatever the N-P-K combination your crop needs, you can use Wheelman to get it spread. From anhydrous ammonia to lime, spraying and spreading fertilizers happens cheaper and faster. Whether you band fertilizer or broadcast it, you’ll have the fertilizer in the soil and ready for the next rain. Using Wheelman autosteer reduces the passes you need and the time it takes to get your fertilizer applied. You’ll reduce overlap overages, too.
  • Whether you disk, chisel-plow, or a more conventional approach, Wheelman keeps you on the line and nearly eliminates overlap in your tillage. Hands-free driving gives you an opportunity to watch the ground as it’s being worked. When you’re observing for longer than a few seconds at a time, imagine what you’ll be able to spot. It’s a qualitative data dream-come-true.
  • With your eyes on the planter, drill, or air seeder, you’ll catch mishaps right as they happen. You’ll be free to supervise row cleaners and other attachments. And with the accuracy of autosteer keeping you on the row, your crop will look sharp when it emerges. Fewer passes means less compaction, too.
  • When Mother Nature’s clock is ticking and you have to schedule your spraying around wind and rain, Wheelman helps you spray more in less time. For example, you can get your burndown spraying done faster and re-enter the field faster. Also, for chemical treatments such as Sharpen and Valor, where application rates are minuscule ounces per acre, that precision in controlling overlap can save substantial money.
  • With autosteer keeping you cutting a full swath effortlessly, you’ll stay on the line, make fewer passes, work after dark, and keep an eye on the grain coming into the back of the combine. Harvest will go faster with the aid of Wheelman. And if you’re double cropping, every minute in the combine counts.
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  • "We just installed the Wheelman Flex on our 4640 for planting. Works great! The Flex allows you to move it to a different tractor. It’s a great tool for smaller farms. Affordable, too: Only cost me about ten bucks an acre."
  • “I am able to get more done in the tractor, and our farm is becoming more efficient each day we are using the device.” -Scott G., Ellsworth

Farm On Offense

Defensive farming is out, offensive farming is in.

Wheelman autosteer guidance systems are an important part of your farming playbook.

Wheelman equips you with a solidly reliable guidance system that has all you need without the expensive bells and whistles. This guidance system is perfect for cereal grains.

Farm Faster

  • Put a less skilled farmhand in the tractor with autosteer and free up your time to focus on management
  • Reduce your overlap and make fewer passes
  • Work in the dark, even around the clock during crunch time
  • Minimize downtime: Autosteer lowers wear-and-tear on your tractors
  • Need help? No need to wait on your dealer -- you have 24/7 support

Farm Precisely

  • Whirl app keeps your data at your fingertips (and it keeps it secure when you’re not looking at it)
  • Time to fill your sprayer? Re-enter the field and pick up where you left off without overspraying
  • Using technology to automate steering frees your attention for management issues
  • Deploying autosteer is part of 4-R sustainable farming practice
  • Use your entire implement (for example, use your entire spraying boom)

Farm Healthier

  • Automated steering reduces operator stress
  • Being hands-free means less fatigue
  • Avoid neck pain from constantly looking forward and behind you
  • Stay in the cab longer during the busiest seasons
  • Reduce repetitive motion injuries when your hands are free

Farm Sustainably

  • Fewer passes means less fuel expense
  • Controlled overlap reduces your chemical and fertilizer waste
  • Reduce compaction
  • See significant yield increases
  • Extend the life of your equipment
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Skip the dealer. We put YOU in control

Shipped directly to you, installed by you, calibrated by you.

You can order the Wheelman online and receive it in less than a week.

  • Everything you need is in the package. You won’t have to run to parts store to grab extras.
  • No special tools are needed.
  • Most farmers complete the installation in under 2 hours.
  • You can calibrate the unit without help, usually within a half-hour.

Need help? Our tech support line is available 24/7 to troubleshoot with you in the unlikely event that something isn’t working quite right.

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