Get Smart About Smart Autosteering™

We believe autosteering should be affordable and easy to install. That’s why we developed Smart Autosteering™. Our Wheelman Pro and Wheelman Flex were designed to help every farmer, no matter the acreage, farm faster and more efficiently.

When you compare Smart Autosteering™ to conventional autosteer there really is no comparison.

Smart Autosteering™
Conventional Autosteering

No matter the number of acres you farm or equipment you own, Smart Autosteering™ checks all the right boxes.


Conventional Autosteering

  • Connected
  • Intellignet
  • Upgradable
  • Using our FREE Whirl app you can connect Smart Autosteering to any smart phone or tablet giving you real-time data right at your fingertips.
  • Overtime, Smart Autosteering learns pattern and your driving habits and makes improvements that make you more efficient.
  • Easily upgrade your Smart Autosteering system right in the field using the Whirl app without having to wait on a representative.

How will smart farming impact the smaller farm organizations?

Wheelman Flex system

The Wheelman Flex gives you all the power of Wheelman Pro plus the ability to move the system between vehicles helping you plant, till and spray faster.

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Wheelman Pro system

The Wheelman Pro helps you farm faster and more efficiently by eliminating overlap.

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Smart Autosteering In Action

Hear from farmers how Smart Autosteering is delivering strong ROI and helping them get the job done faster.